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The one-of-a-kind application that digitalizes your night club while offering customers real interactions and great features!


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Create a new customer experience while reconciling your economic interests!

Increase your turnover

By digitising your menu, your customers can order with just a click, without any contact with staff. Digitisation, a guarantee of additional sales

Modernise your business

Surf the digitisation wave! Adopt high-tech technology and attract new customers

Simplify your operations

Use our partner application to manage your teams, view your turnover, edit your menu in real time, access detailed statistics on your establishment and much more...

Collect data

Enjoy access to our clubber community worldwide! Create targeted campaigns to attract and build the loyalty of new customers

Bar orders

Two showcase tablets positioned on each bar in your establishment. They are designed to digitise your menu and help your barmen save time! Provide your consumers with comfort...

A Covid solution

Adapt a preventive healthcare approach to your customers and staff. The digital order-taking process makes it possible to limit movements in accordance with social distancing measures

Main features

Digitise the order-taking process

Make the order-taking process simple, intuitive and quick! The customer chooses from the products on offer in your establishment: you will directly receive the order to your dedicated space. A system which allows you to increase your average spend and generate additional sales


A multilingual service dedicated to foreign customers which will make them feel valued. A guaranteed increase in your additional sales!

Chat & Selfie

A public and private chat system which will promote interactions between your customers, in complete safety. No need to move around to meet new people! A selfie system with numerous filters with the effigy of your establishment. You also enjoy access to the public chat allowing you to display important messages or prevention messages to your customers

Request the bill

Say goodbye to endless time spent waiting for the bill! Customers can now ask for the bill with a simple click, increasing table turnover rate


Choose your stands

Our tablets are installed vertically on anti-theft stands, facilitating use. These stands are attached using a highly-resistant adhesive system to avoid damaging your premises. Choose from 3 types of equipment: you are free to choose how you organise your establishment!


Centralise management of your nightclub

Access numerous options to improve the customer experience: display personalised welcome messages, birthday messages, refill alerts to increase the average spend. Receive all orders from your customers in real time, change your menu as often as you wish, manage your stocks! An interface which allows you to optimise staff management and monitor productivity, access comprehensive, detailed statistics, without traceability and much more...

Your smart table plan: a personalised greeting

Enter your customers’ names, organise your table plan and build a relationship with your customers. A smart table plan which allows staff to refocus on the business relationship rather than waste time running around the establishment! A simple colour code allows you to monitor your club’s activity, fill rate and the progress of your evening. Staff receive all customer requests in real time. Your management is optimised and mistakes eliminated


Receive orders directly on a smartphone

Provide staff with direct access to back office systems on their phone, allowing optimal management of customer orders. Our interface allows you to manage everything remotely ; no need to be present on-site. This management tool will completely transform your staff’s work life and increase their tips

They trust us

Digitalize your safety

We incorporate a safety alert into the table plan. When a safety alert is activated, all tablets in your establishment flash red for a few seconds. This system allows you to inform all of your security teams of an incident in progress inside or outside the establishment. Your staff will intervene more quickly and your customers will be reassured


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